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Certified Organic | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Certified Organic | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Made in San Diego, CA


Our goal is to help you achieve better health.
Enjoy 35+ easy-to-drink superfood, probiotic & digestive enzyme blends designed to energize your body & clear your mind. Formulated in California,
USDA Organic certified.

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All Natural Wellness


Our breaking point came when our co-founders couldn't find the answer to their wellness needs. After 5 years of partnering with wellness experts we discovered just how critical food is for fueling the body. Enso uses ingredients sourced globally made locally.

The Art of Ensō

Made in California

We start by sourcing USDA certified organic ingredients from different farms around the world. We then formulate & lab test throughout the entire process to make sure no chemicals or bacteria are included...right here in San Diego, CA. LEARN MORE

Health is an Investment. Not an Expense.

Our Founders spent years researching and understanding the many issues with western medicine, including the hard effects of prescription drugs. So they created Ensō Superfoods to showcase the power of a plant based diet. Wellness is about investing in long term choices that over time improve our diet and overall way of life. The Ensō Life!

Why Superfoods?

A bad diet can lead to an unhappy gut and often symptoms we have to live with. Enso Superfoods provide vitamins, probiotics & plant based ingredients that support digestion, natural energy and an excellent source of daily nutrition. LEARN MORE

What Our Customers Are Saying

Melanie W.

Yoga Teacher & Certified Nutritionist

I take Ensō superfoods daily, these formulas give my body the right nutrition to feel great and & I love the taste. I’m having so much fun getting healthy.

Casey P.

USA Olympian & Professional Volleyball Player

Playing volleyball requires stamina and maintaining focus. The Vitality mushroom blend gives me the edge to finish each match in my optimal state.

Sarah P.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Specialist

I take the Supergreens & Vitality daily so I can preform for my patients. Enso provides my body with the nutrition needed for long days in the hospital.

Kaleo W.

Musician, Producer, Entrepreneur

With 20+ years touring, it’s more important than ever to maintain my balance while on the road. I take these superfoods daily to keep a mental edge & give my body with the support needed.

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