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7 Surprising Benefits of Chlorella for Heavy Metal Detox

Chlorella helps you get rid of heavy metals and other toxins. This superfood supports your immune system and maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol.

Top Seven Benefits of Chlorella for Heavy Metal Detox
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In this article:

Chlorella vulgaris and chlorella pyrenoidosa are green freshwater algae that are packed with a wide range of benefits, making them true superfoods. One of the most exciting abilities of this small algae is its capacity to help heavy metal detoxification, on top of delivering numerous nutritional benefits. Other advantages include better control of your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

Through high-quality chlorella supplementation with Ensō Supergreens, you can improve your overall health and well-being and ensure heavy metals leave your body quickly and efficiently. 

Why Use Chlorella Supplementation for Heavy Metal Detoxification?

Every day, our bodies are exposed to potentially toxic heavy metals. We may breathe heavy metals through air pollution or become exposed to lead toxicity through outdated water pipes. Even topical creams or antiseptics may contain traces of heavy metals and other harmful chemical substances. 

Why Use Chlorella Supplementation for Heavy Metal Detoxification?

If those toxic heavy metals are not removed from our bodies, they can start interfering with our immune system, leaving us vulnerable to health problems. Heavy metals can hide in unexpected places, too. For example, have you checked with your dentist if you have mercury-based dental fillings? Mercury exposure, even in minute concentrations over time, can be detrimental to your health.

Chlorella algae has the unique ability to bind with these toxic heavy metals and flush them out of your body. Animal studies have shown its effectiveness in removing toxins from the brain, kidneys, and liver. 

Chlorella supplementation is a simple and convenient way to ensure your organs are able to remove toxins you may have become exposed to and boost your health. 

Top Seven Benefits of Chlorella Algae

Detoxification is only one of the benefits of the chlorella algae. Managing cholesterol levels, improving nutrient intake, and boosting your immune system are among the others. Here is a closer look at the top seven benefits of chlorella algae. 

1. Flush out Heavy Metals

Environmental pollutants, contaminated water, cigarette smoke, and pesticides may all expose you to heavy metals and other poisonous substances. When they enter our bodies, these heavy metals are microscopic in size, making it impossible to see and avoid them. 

Chlorella supplementation offers an efficient way of cleaning them from your intestinal tract and other organs. Taken as a food supplement, chlorella has the capacity to bind with harmful substances and flush them out of your system. 

A study conducted by researchers showed that chlorella also helps remove toxins like dioxin from your body. Dioxin compromises the immune system and can interfere with your central nervous system, too. Chlorella supplementation can lead to a significant reduction in dioxin levels. 

2. Deliver an Immune Boost

Our immune system is responsible for fighting pathogens, viruses, and bacteria, among other substances. A delayed or compromised immune response leaves you open to a wide range of health conditions, starting with joint pain and low energy levels and leading all the way to serious heart conditions. 

Because of its high levels of nutrients and amino acids, chlorella is a powerful food to help boost your immune response, even in small doses. Because this algae has an exceptionally strong cell wall, human bodies cannot process it in its raw form, thereby robbing us of the nutrients it has. To boost our immune system, the algae needs to be broken down into powders or pills to be properly absorbed into our bodies. 

3. Regulate Blood Pressure

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 50% of American adults suffer from high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. 

Having hypertension puts people at risk of developing heart disease and other health problems. In addition, high blood pressure has been linked to an increased risk of stroke. If your blood pressure is approaching dangerous levels, chlorella supplementation can help halt or slow down the progression. 

Research has shown that using chlorella products over several weeks can help return your blood pressure to normal levels if it has started to increase. Treating borderline hypertension like this may prevent you from having to take blood pressure medication for the rest of your life. Plus, you are improving your overall heart health. 

4. Manage Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels are another well-known risk factor for developing heart disease. More than 90 million American adults are currently living with elevated cholesterol levels, and even 7% of U.S. children and adolescents have already developed this condition. 

Whilst you may be able to feel the onset of high blood pressure, high cholesterol does not lead to any noticeable symptoms. You would need a blood test to identify the problem. But just because there are no symptoms does not mean high cholesterol is harmless. 

Chlorella supplementation can help you avoid the dangers of high levels of so-called bad cholesterol. A meta-analysis of clinical trials demonstrated that chlorella products helped return cholesterol levels back to a healthy range. 

5. Control Blood Sugar Levels

Our bodies need sugar and glucose to drive countless processes in our cells. In healthy people, the sugar we consume in our diets is broken down into smaller molecules that are delivered to our cells as fuel. 

When this process becomes disrupted, our blood sugar levels remain artificially high, increasing our risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition that can lead to a range of serious health complications. A preliminary study has shown that taking chlorella powder or other chlorella products minimized fasting blood sugar levels in participants, lowering their risk of developing diabetes as a result.

6. Improve Aerobic Endurance

Everyone knows that exercise is critical to overall health. But if you have been inactive for a while, building up aerobic endurance can take time and feel disheartening. Even if you exercise regularly, your fitness level might plateau, leaving you unable to run faster or cover longer distances. 

A recent study showed that chlorella powder is one of the keys to improving aerobic endurance and performance. The scientists used two groups of people and measured their ability to saturate their lungs with oxygen after several weeks of using chlorella supplements or a placebo. Oxygen saturation ability is one of the key measures of aerobic fitness. 

The participants who had taken chlorella products had improved their abilities significantly, whilst the control group showed no changes at all. 

7. Improve Nutritional Intake

Apart from its powers of heavy metal detox and the other beneficial effects mentioned above, chlorella is also an excellent source of nutrients. 

Chlorella is a potent source of protein, and it also contains a wide range of other micronutrients. These micronutrients include a full set of amino acids, as well as beta carotene, and minerals such as magnesium and potassium. 

Chlorella products are often compared to another algae supplement, spirulina. Compared to spirulina, chlorella contains more iron, zinc, and phosphorus. It is also richer in vitamins A and B2.

Final Thoughts

With all the benefits listed above, it is easy to see why chlorella has become known as a true superfood. Its ability to remove heavy metals from the body sets it apart from other superfoods and makes it one of the most important nutritional supplements to consider. 

Ensō Supergreens

High-quality supplements are critical to effective heavy metal removal. At Ensō Superfoods, we make sure to source all our ingredients from reputable sources. We process raw ingredients gently to preserve the goodness that helps your body function better and leaves you feeling your best. 

What are you waiting for? Support your health with Ensō Supergreens today. 


What is chlorella algae?

Chlorella algae is one of the most potent superfoods currently available. Broken down into a powder, chlorella is easily absorbed by our bodies and helps fight the detrimental effects of heavy metal exposure and environmental pollution. 

Can I use chlorella for heavy metal detox?

Yes, chlorella products are ideal for heavy metal removal and detox. The detoxification process is simple: chlorella binds to substances like mercury, cadmium, and other metals and helps your body flush them out. 

Removing poisonous substances greatly improves your overall health and can prevent degenerative diseases from developing. 

Does chlorella have other benefits?

Yes, chlorella's powers do not stop at heavy metal detox. This small algae supports a range of other processes that are critical to long-term health. Chlorella supports healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Supplements containing this superfood can also help manage cholesterol levels and improve aerobic endurance. 

Plus, chlorella is full of macro- and micronutrients, including protein, a full set of amino acids, as well as minerals and vitamins. 

How do I integrate chlorella into my diet?

Chlorella algae have a very strong cell wall that needs to be broken down for you to access all the health benefits of this algae. Chlorella powder, like the type you find in Ensō Supergreens is a great way to absorb all the goodness you need in one single, convenient drink.

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