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8 Best Superfoods for Muscle Gain: The Ultimate Guide

Nutrition is one of the keys to training and recovering optimally. Eating these top eight superfoods for muscle gain ensures you get all you need daily.

The 8 Best Superfoods for Muscle Gain
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In this article:

Mention building muscle and many of us still conjure up images of Arnold Schwarzenegger during his first career as a bodybuilder. And while Arnold certainly succeeded at growing muscle, we now know more about building healthy muscle mass and supporting our bodies through training and recovery. 

Superfood supplements like the drinks powders from Ensō Superfoods are made to support your muscle-building goals and optimize your diet. As a result, you are gaining health benefits at the same time as achieving the look you crave.

Why You Should Optimize Your Diet with Superfoods for Muscle Growth and Muscle Recovery

Lean muscle mass is not only built in the gym. Targeted training and gradual overloading of your muscles indeed increase their size. However, a muscle can only grow if you are adequately fueling its growth and allowing it adequate time to recover.

Over the past few decades, bodybuilders and scientists have moved on from the Arnold Schwarzenegger diet of the past. In fact, even the great man himself has transitioned to a mostly vegan diet. Protein shakes and protein powder have become essential parts of a healthy diet for muscle gain. 

We also now know that it is important to eat enough to promote muscle growth. Without sufficient nutrition, muscle tissue growth may stagnate, and you may even lose muscle. Adding superfoods to your diet makes it easier to focus on nutritious foods to build muscle and support gut health and bone health at the same time. 

Top Eight Superfoods for Muscle Gain

Superfoods have become a bit of a buzzword for anyone interested in nutrition and improving the quality of their diet. Fitness experts believe that there is not one single food that beats all others. But some foods pack a bigger punch than their peers. Here is a closer look at those superfoods that are especially good at supporting muscle gain. 

1. Beetroot

Yes, our list starts with a vegetable! Beetroot is not only a great source of vitamin c, iron, and fiber. Its biggest benefit to bodybuilders and others looking to grow muscle mass is the number of dietary nitrates contained in it. They are converted to nitric oxide in the body, which supports blood circulation and the release of adrenaline. Both of these processes are essential for healthy weight gain. 

One of the easiest ways to integrate beetroot into your diet is with a drink made from Ensō Vitality powder. This delicious and convenient mix contains certified organic beetroot powder and other essential nutrients. 


  • Supports healthy muscle gain 
  • Full of additional nutrients such as vitamins and minerals


  • Fresh beetroot may not always be easy to find in your local shops. High-quality green powders containing beetroot provide an easy alternative.

    Bottom line: Beetroot contains one of the nutrients essential to muscle building. Make it part of your daily diet now. 

    2. Cordyceps

    Mushrooms for muscle building? Cordyceps may not be the most intuitive ingredient you would reach for when you are eating to build muscle, but this mushroom is a powerful ally in muscle recovery. 

    It is a mainstay in Chinese medicine, where it is usually ground into a powder. One simple way of adding Cordyceps to your diet is by choosing a shake or drink that contains them, like Ensō Vitality. 


    • Besides supporting recovery, Cordyceps can also prevent it and reduce oxidative stress during your workout. 
    • Adding it to your diet allows you to train harder for longer.


    • Hard to include in your diet unless it is part of a drinks powder.

      Bottom line: Cordyceps can be very effective in preventing injury and allowing you to exercise harder because of its ability to minimize oxidative stress on the body. 

      3. Spinach and Kale

      Ever since Popeye became a household name, spinach has been associated with growing strength whilst supporting fat loss. But spinach is not the only leafy green vegetable that supports gaining muscle. Kale is another superfood that is just as powerful. Both are full of iron and high-quality protein. 

      Kale's vitamin K content also helps fight inflammation, which protects your joints and other tissues from injury. Kale and spinach are excellent ingredients in healthy salads, but if you struggle to maintain a balanced diet, consider a supplement like Ensō Supergreens. You will get all the benefits of spinach and kale and many more superfoods for muscle gain. 


      • Full of iron and other nutrients essential for muscle growth.


      • Not always easy to integrate into your diet. Consider using a powerful supplement instead.

      Bottom line: It is impossible to overstate the benefits of green leafy vegetables or their powdered equivalents. Spinach and kale help you build lean muscle mass and support your health with their vitamin content. 

      4. Fatty Fish

      Fatty fish like wild salmon has long been a favorite with anyone looking to build muscle healthily. Fish supplies your body with complete protein and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. 

      As one of the best-known healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids protect you from heart diseases. But they also support muscle growth by limiting the loss of healthy muscle mass. Eating fish regularly is the simplest way of accessing these good fats. However, if you prefer, you can also get your fish oil from supplements. 


      • Wild salmon and other fish contain high-quality protein and fish oil, supporting heart health and lean muscles


      • Depending on your location, high-quality fish can be hard to source. 

      Bottom line: Wild salmon and other fish are a great source of protein and essential micronutrients that support muscle building. 

      5. Beef

      Beef may not be a regular on lists of superfoods. But it would be hard to talk about building muscle without mentioning lean meat. Why beef? Because it is rich in creatine which delivers high-quality protein to your muscles faster. Beef also contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids that support your recovery. 

      Plus, beef contains vitamins and minerals like B12, iron, and magnesium, all of which are critical to developing lean muscle mass. 


      • Rich source of minerals and vitamins, as well as a high-quality protein


      • Beef has been linked to bad cholesterol, so if you are watching your cholesterol levels it is worth considering other superfoods or limiting your consumption.

      Bottom line: Beef is a great source of bioavailable protein, but anyone avoiding red meat or watching their cholesterol levels may prefer other sources. 

      6. Greek Yogurt

      Greek yogurt is another great source of protein for anyone looking to grow muscle mass. Apart from containing this macronutrient, it is also an excellent source of calcium which supports bone health and muscle strength as a result. 

      Yogurt benefits include giving your body access to probiotics for digestive health. Plus, it is a great non-meat-based source of B vitamins, one of the essential ingredients in red blood cell production. 


      • Greek yogurt is a great source of protein.
      • Its calcium content helps keep muscles and bones healthy. 


      • Some Greek yogurts have sugar added to them. To maximize the yogurt benefit, make sure you select a sugar-free option. 

      Bottom line: Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein, minerals, and vitamin B12. Make sure you choose a sugar-free product. 

      7. Nine Essential Amino Acids

      Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Whilst our bodies need 20 different varieties to function optimally, some are considered indispensable. These nine essential amino acids are needed for growth, including building lean muscle mass. 

      What sets these vital nutrients apart even more, is that they cannot be created from other amino acids in our bodies. We need to source them through our diet. Soy protein and animal protein are excellent sources of all nine amino acids. If you struggle to add these foods to your diet, consider supplement sources. 


      • These amino acids are simply essential for your body function, including muscle building. 


      • If you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, it may be harder to source enough of these protein building blocks.  

      Bottom line: We simply cannot live healthily or build muscle well without these nutrients. Make sure you include them in your diet through a variety of sources. 

      8. Seeds

      No list of superfoods to help build muscle would be complete without seeds on it. Chia seeds and sesame seeds are just two examples of powerful seeds. 

      Chia seeds contribute to protein synthesis whilst also helping to decrease inflammation that may have led to chronic diseases. Its omega-3 fatty acids and its high level of fiber aid make it one of your best friends when it comes to developing muscle mass that is both strong and lean. 


      • A small number of seeds can have big benefits for muscle development.


      • Preparation may take some time as seeds are best left to expand after being added to yogurt, protein shakes, or smoothies. 

      Bottom line: Sesame and chia seeds may be small, but they certainly pack a punch when it comes to supporting healthy muscle mass. 

      Final Thoughts

      Healthy muscle building requires a combination of physical activity and weight management. Superfoods for muscle growth can not only support your journey toward a chiseled physique. They are essential in supporting weight training whilst limiting or preventing injury. 

      Ensō Supergreens

      Superfoods fuel exercise and aid post-workout recovery. Sourcing them from a balanced diet would be ideal, but few of us manage that. If you struggle to eat a perfect muscle-building diet, consider adding a high-quality dietary supplement. 

      FAQs on Superfoods for Muscle Growth 

      Still wondering if superfoods are good for muscle growth? Here are some popular questions and their answers. 

      Do I need to eat superfoods for muscle gain?

      Muscles are not built in the gym alone. They require the right fuel to grow healthily, and nutritious foods such as superfoods have an important role to play in helping you build the physique you deserve. 

      I thought muscle gain relies on eating a lot of protein. Is that wrong?

      It is correct that muscle building relies on eating a sufficient amount of protein, but there is more to a healthy diet than protein alone. Adding healthy unsaturated fats, a selection of powerful greens, and other vegetables is just as important for weight maintenance and muscle gain. 

      Which superfoods support muscle growth?

      Integrating a wide variety of superfoods into your diet is the most effective approach to gaining muscle strength. Protein is a key part, but adding beetroot, cordyceps, kale, spinach, essential amino acids, and a range of seeds is just as important. Each of these superfoods contains ingredients that have important roles outside of muscle development, too. As a result, you improve your diet in more than one way.

      How can I ensure I cover all the superfoods I need for optimal health and muscle growth?

      Whilst many of us aim for a perfectly balanced diet, few people manage to achieve that ideal daily. To avoid missing key nutrients, consider a high-quality food supplement. Products such as Ensō Supergreens and Ensō Vitality contain a range of superfoods that cover many aspects of a muscle-friendly diet. At the same time, they protect your immune system and help manage blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

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