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Certified Organic | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Certified Organic | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Made in San Diego, CA

Sourced Globally.
Made In California.

How It's Made - Enso Superfoods

Made in California

We source organic ingredients from around the world and send them directly to San Diego, CA, where the fun begins! We formulate over 35+ superfoods, vitamins, probiotics & digestive enzymes into concise measurements, ensuring you receive the proper benefits in every serving.

We promise to maintain a clean production process from start to finish. We batch test our products 3 separate times for contamination & bacterias.

Send us ingredient recommendation and how you would incorporate them into your diet. We love testing new wellness formulas that are beneficial.

Certified By The USDA & CCOF

The new standard for health & wellness.

Your brain & body require a constant supply of fuel. Our “fuel” comes from the foods we eat. For us, a plant based diet is the focal point to achieving better health.

  1. We employ a team of health conscious individuals that produce premium blends, designed to provide real impact in everyday life. Our ingredients are sourced globally and sent directly to San Diego, CA for formulation & certification.
    • Sourced Globally
    • Made in California
    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Vegan & Gluten Free
    • Made with ❤️

A plant based diet is the focal point to achieving better health.

Enso Founder - Andrew Beltran

Environment is Everything

Certain ingredients grow better in specific regions and environments. That's why we source our ingredients from farms globally.

For example: Matcha from Japan, apples from Chile, mushrooms from USA, & spirulina from Costa Rica,

All our ingredients are selected to make an impact in your body & serve a purpose. This means no added sugars, sweeteners or fillers. All natural, All Organic. You're drinking the premium fuel to support your body.


Ensō Promise

Our breaking point came when our Co-Founders could not find the answer. After 5 years of partnering
with wellness experts, we found our cure; certified organic ingredients - fresh from the farm.
Ensō Superfoods is proud to formulate over 35+ superfoods, certified organic, vegan & gluten free ingredients.

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