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Primal Greens vs Ensō Supergreens: A Dietitian's Comparison

Review our breakdown of the popular supplements Primal Greens and Ensō Supergreens to help you decide which is the best greens powder for you.

In this article:
In this article:
Primal Greens vs Ensō Supergreens

We live in a society churning at an exhaustive pace. Somewhere stuck between work expectations and finding time for life, we must fuel ourselves. Nutrition takes a backseat to the chaos of our fast-paced life, and yet what we eat is the tipping point between surviving or thriving.

Enter super greens powders. These superfood-rich supplements allow us to quickly and easily pack in nutrients our diet is lacking, helping us feel better and maybe even break out of the low-energy fast-food cycle.

In this review, we compare Primal Greens and Ensō Supergreens on everything from ingredients and purported benefits to cost and taste. We firmly believe Ensō stands out for its superior quality and value, but read on to find out which is the right greens powder to keep you moving healthfully through your hectic day.


Primal Harvest
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Manufactured in the U.S. ✓ ✓
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Sugar-Free ✓
No Stevia ✓
Caffeine-Free ✓
Non-GMO ✓
Nut-Free ✓
Free shipping without any limitations ✓
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Subscription & bulk purchase options ✓ ✓
Cost per serving (for the subscription) $1.33 $1.33
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What Is Ensō Supergreens?

Ensō Supergreens

As a powdered greens product, Ensō Supergreens packs a wide range of over 20 organic nutrient-dense superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes into each scoop. With a finely ground texture, this greens powder is easy to mix smoothly into beverages and foods.

Supergreens comes from the Ensō Superfoods’ family of phytonutrient-rich plant-based formulas. Each vibrant powder contains a different selection of powerful plants to meet distinct dietary and health needs.

The company demonstrates a great safety and quality record by using only organic superfoods and having their product third-party tested, produced in a GMP-Certified facility, and made in the USA.

What Is Primal Greens?

Primal Greens

Primal Greens is a greens supplement containing over 50 ingredients, from superfoods to added vitamins and minerals, along with probiotics and digestive enzymes. While Primal Greens does not contain any organic ingredients, it does have other important quality measures such as being third-party tested, GMP-Certified, and produced in the USA.

Primal Greens is a product of Primal Harvest, a company devoted to supporting health and wellness through a variety of supplements. Currently, Primal Greens is their only superfood formula.

Primal Greens vs. Ensō Supergreens Health Benefits

While Primal Greens and Ensō Supergreens have distinct ingredients, there are some similarities between these greens powders that help make their touted benefits comparable.

Ensō Supergreens Potential Benefits

Ensō Supergreens Potential Benefits

Ensō Supergreens is a greens powder that offers an easy way to get your daily greens and claims to elevate your health by making up for what your nutrition lacks. This greens powder features rich vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient content and has three primary stated benefits, including immunity, energy, and digestion.

Other benefits include:

  1. Healthy blood sugar levels. Supergreens contains several ingredients that have been linked to helping promote healthy blood sugar levels, such as nettle leaf, seaweed, and the blue-green algae spirulina.
  2. Longevity support. Plants and superfoods are abundant in powerful phytonutrients. When included in our diets every day, these plant compounds can help support a longer, healthier life.
  3. Ease bloating. The three digestive enzymes and 5 billion CFUs of probiotics in Ensō Supergreens—as well as a specific compound in leafy greens called sulfoquinovose—may help relieve bloating and support digestion. This plant compound has been found to help keep the beneficial bacteria in our gut healthy.

Primal Greens Potential Benefits

Primal Greens states that its greens powder “makes getting your daily serving of energy-supporting nutrients both convenient and enjoyable” and claims its product supports energy, digestion, and the immune system.

  1. Energy. Primal Greens asserts this benefit is from its wellness-supporting vitamins and minerals, along with the inclusion of reishi and maitake adaptogenic mushrooms.
  2. Digestion. This greens powder contains 3.5 billion CFU probiotics along with five digestive enzymes that may help support gut health.
  3. Immune support. With added synthetic vitamins and minerals, Primal Greens provides specific immune-supporting nutrients.

Primal Greens vs. Ensō Supergreens Ingredients

While both greens powders are loaded with superfoods and other plants, there are some considerable differences between the two.

Ensō Supergreens Ingredients

Ensō Supergreens Ingredients

Ingredients at a glance:

  • Serving size: 8g scoop
  • 22 organic superfoods
  • 3 digestive enzymes
  • 5 billion CFUs of dairy-free probiotics from 4 strains
  • Monk fruit sweetener
  • Added: No fillers or additives, artificial colors or flavors.

One of the biggest differences between Ensō Supergreens and Primal Greens is that Supergreens contains all organic superfoods. With its 22 ingredients derived from whole foods, this greens powder packs in:

  • Leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, and dandelion
  • Hearty vegetables, including broccoli and nopal cactus
  • Herbs and roots, like nettle, burdock, horsetail, and ginger
  • Nutritional grasses, such as wheatgrass, barley grass, and alfalfa
  • Blue-green algae and seaweed, including spirulina, broken cell wall chlorella, and kelp

As for how it delivers on gut health, Supergreens has 5 billion dairy-free CFU probiotics along with three digestive enzymes. Additionally, it contains alfalfa leaf, spirulina, and nettle leaf, all of which may positively impact bloating and digestion.

Ensō Supergreens does not contain artificial sweeteners or anything unnecessary, just pure nutrient-dense vegetables and plants.


In fact, more than 22 vitamins and minerals are all naturally found in the green powder formula, all derived from the choice of superfoods included.

Supergreens is an excellent source (more than 20% of your daily value) of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, and minerals iodine and chromium. It is a good source (10-19% of your daily value) of vitamin B5 and minerals iron and molybdenum.

Other micronutrients included in Ensō Supergreens are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, and potassium. This vitamin and mineral lineup is quite impressive, especially since they do not add synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Primal Greens Ingredients


Primal Greens Ingredients


Ingredients at a glance:

  • Serving size: 8g scoop
  • 49 superfoods
  • 5 digestive enzymes
  • 3.5 bill CFU from 3 strains
  • Stevia sweetener
  • Prebiotic fiber
  • Added: 5 synthetic vitamins and minerals. Otherwise, there are no other fillers, additives, colors, or flavors.

Primal Greens has more than twice as many superfood ingredients that they pack into the same size scoop as Ensō Supergreens. This means that the volume of each ingredient is much lower, which may have implications on their ability to provide possible benefits.

This greens powder has 3 primary superfood blends:

  1. Superfood, Antioxidant, and Mushroom Blend includes nutritional grasses such as wheatgrass, leafy greens such as spinach, green vegetables such as brussels sprouts and celery, mushrooms such as reishi and maitake, as well as a variety of fruits including blueberry, raspberry, grape, and strawberry.
  2. Nutrient Dense Natural Herbs and Extracts contains ingredients such as turmeric, green tea leaf, and two types of ginseng.
  3. Digestive Complex is comprised of apple fiber and inulin fiber, five digestive enzymes, and 3.5 billion CFU probiotics.

Primal Greens does not contain preservatives or other food additives, but they do add synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Be aware that this greens powder does contain some caffeine, so it may be best taken closer to when you wake if you are sensitive, and also includes Stevia, which could cause digestive issues for some.


With a large number of ingredients, one could assume this greens powder contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, the only micronutrients listed are those that are added synthetically.

Primal Greens is an excellent source (more than 20% of your daily value) of vitamins C, E, and B12, and the minerals zinc and copper.

Primal Greens vs. Ensō Supergreens Taste

Taste reigns supreme when it comes to the feature that truly makes the best greens powders well-liked.

Ensō Supergreens Taste

Ensō prides itself in Supergreens’ taste profile: lightly sweet with a refreshing mint flavor. There are no added flavors. Rather, the mint comes from peppermint leaves, while the sweetness is derived from monk fruit.

This greens powder is very finely ground, allowing for a texture that easily mixes smoothly with beverages without a sandy mouthfeel or chunks.

In terms of customer reviews, Ensō Supergreens has 4.9 out of 5 stars. Many customers say they enjoy the minty flavor and ease of mixing, and enjoy how they feel after taking it consistently. However, some customers state the shipping is a bit slow, and the product is only sold on the company's website.

Primal Greens Taste

Primal Greens’ flavor profile leans toward the taste of a lightly sweetened green tea. And in fact, it does contain green tea leaves. The sweetness from this greens powder comes from Stevia extract. 

While many customers say the Primal Greens powder is very fine, some also say it’s more difficult to mix into beverages unless you use a hand mixer or blender.

 Customer reviews on Amazon are 4.3 out of 5 stars. Many people who purchase are happy with the taste, though some say they’re still waiting for the benefits to kick in.

Primal Greens vs. Ensō Supergreens Cost

Depending on the company and greens powder, cost can vary wildly. While these two greens powders are fairly different, their price per serving is almost exactly the same—and more affordable than some other greens powders out there. 

Ensō Supergreens Cost

Ensō Supergreens costs $1.33 per serving. This is an excellent price when considering the produce is made entirely of organic superfoods, has admirable depth in its vitamin and mineral panel, and has great quality and safety.

What does this mean per bag? Here’s what you’ll be spending:

  • $39.99 for a monthly single subscription
  • $59.99 for a one-time purchase
  • $69.99 for a monthly double subscription

Primal Greens Cost

Like Ensō Supergreens, Primal Greens costs $1.33 per serving. For a product that has over 50 ingredients, this is a fair price. Interestingly, while Supergreens costs more for a single purchase, their saving for a monthly double subscription is significantly better than Primal Greens.

What does this mean per bag? Here’s what you’ll be spending:

  • $39.96 for a monthly subscription
  • $49.95 for a one-time purchase
  • $79.92 for a monthly double subscription

Why Choose Ensō Supergreens

Why Choose Ensō Supergreens

Ensō Supergreens is the clear leader when it comes to the best super greens powder. Not only is it superior in quality, with all organic superfood ingredients and a greater number of probiotics, but it also has a higher concentration of superfoods per scoop.

The company does a great job keeping its product clean, being vegan, gluten-free, caffeine-free, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and sugar-free without any unnecessary added ingredients.

Plus, you can try them absolutely risk-free: Free shipping on all orders, a money-back guarantee of up to 30 days, and great savings for subscriptions and bundling orders. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, our days are hectic, but your body deserves better. It takes just moments to mix a greens powder into a beverage and get a kick of energy and a boost of nutrition before you get on your way. 

Remember that it can take a few weeks to acclimate to a new routine, which includes a greens powder. If you’re taking the plunge, be sure to take it consistently every day to start feeling and living better.

With a greens powder as your starting point, adding in more organic fruits and vegetables and fresh whole foods will be a great next step to enhancing your health. Health shouldn’t be hard—consider trying Ensō Supergreens today.