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Your Super Super Green Mix vs Ensō Supergreens: The Ultimate Greens Showdown

Discover the difference between Your Super Super Green Mix and Ensõ Supergreens, two powerful superfood smoothie mixes made with nutritious super greens to support your health. Compare USDA certified organic ingredients, reviews, and more.

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In this article:
Your Super Super Green Mix vs Ensõ Supergreens

Are you looking for a powerful superfood smoothie mix that is USDA certified organic and provides a nutritious boost to support your health? It can be hard to choose the best one for you, so this article will explore the key features and benefits between two popular brands - Your Super Super Green Mix and Ensō Supergreens.

While both products are free of gluten and artificial sweeteners, they differ in the number of ingredients, and the addition of probiotics and digestive enzymes. Your Super offers a more affordable option, while Ensō provides more comprehensive health benefits and a discount for subscribers - get yours here! See which one is the right choice for you!


Ensō Superfoods
Your Super
100% all natural ✓ ✓
Organic superfoods ✓ ✓
Wide variety of superfoods ✓
Probiotics ✓
Digestive enzymes ✓ ✓
Local sourcing ✓
Manufactured in the US ✓
NSF Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) registered facilities ✓ ✓
Third party tested ✓ ✓
Sugar free ✓
No stevia ✓
Caffeine free ✓ ✓
Non GMO ✓ ✓
Nut free ✓ ✓
Free shipping without any limitations or spend limit ✓
Money-back guarantee ✓ ✓
Live chat with a real person and responsive customer service ✓
Cost per serving (for the subscription) $1.33 $0.99
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What is Ensō Supergreens?

Ensõ Supergreens

Ensō Superfoods is an established brand of high-quality super greens powder that is loaded with 20+ certified organic superfoods and designed to support overall health and wellness. This powder provides all the important health claims, including being gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, nut-free and Non-GMO. It also tastes great without any artificial sweeteners or fillers, and is made from 100% natural, real food sources.

What makes Ensō Supergreens stand out from the competition is more than just its price point, with a significant discount for subscribers, it's also the amazing health benefits it offers. With digestive enzymes and probiotics included, and a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping, Ensō Supergreens is a great choice for those looking to improve their physical and mental health.

What is Your Super Super Green Mix?

Your Super Super Green Mix is a powerful superfood smoothie mix with nutritious super greens to support your health. It is USDA certified organic and gluten free, with no artificial sweeteners. This product has only 6 ingredients, compared to all other brands, and does not contain probiotics or digestive enzymes. It also has caffeine because it contains matcha, and the serving size is really small – only 5g.

Customers enjoy this product because of its lower price point and USDA organic certification, however, customers may choose Ensō Supergreens over Your Super Super Green Mix due to its inclusion of 20+ certified organic superfoods, probiotics, digestive enzymes and the fact that it does not contain caffeine. Your Super Super Green Mix may not be the best choice for customers who are looking for more comprehensive health benefits, but it is great for those who are just starting out with superfoods, as it is a simpler product with fewer ingredients.

Your Super Super Green Mix vs Ensō Supergreens Benefits

Comparing two super green mixes for taste, cost and health benefits, Your Super Super Green Mix and Ensō Supergreens provide a nutritious and delicious way to get the most from greens powder. And while both are USDA certified organic and offer many health benefits, what sets them apart is the number of ingredients, digestive aid, and taste. Read on to learn more about these two super green mixes and find out which one is best for you.

Ensō Supergreens

Ensõ Supergreens Benefits

Looking for a spectacularly tasty and nutritious supergreens powder? Look no further than Ensō Supergreens! With 20+ certified organic superfoods, it is the perfect addition to any wellness or health routine. Not only is it USDA certified organic, gluten-free and vegan, but it has all the important claims like no dairy, sugar, caffeine, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Plus, it is 100% natural, made from real food and contains no fillers or artificial sweeteners.

  • Digestion benefits: Ensō Supergreens provides 5 Bi CFU probiotics which help support a healthy digestive system and reduce bloating and discomfort. The digestive enzymes included in the powder help break down the food you eat and aid in digestion.
  • Gut Health: Regular consumption of supergreens can help to promote a healthier gut, which in turn can boost immunity and your overall health.
  • Weight Management: Supergreens can help to reduce cravings and support weight loss by providing the body with essential nutrients and minerals.
  • Other Benefits: In addition to digestion and gut health, Ensō Supergreens can provide you with an energy boost, improved focus, and support for your hair and nail growth. It can also help to regulate blood sugar levels and promote longevity.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping and discounts for subscribers, Ensō Supergreens is the perfect addition to any wellness routine.

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Your Super Super Green Mix

Your Super Super Green Mix is an all-natural, USDA certified organic superfood smoothie mix with 6 nutritious super greens to help you stay healthy. With 4.9 out of 5 stars from 3543 reviews, this is a popular product among customers.

This gluten-free, no-artificial-sweeteners mix contains only 6 ingredients and no probiotics or digestive enzymes. It does contain matcha, providing some caffeine, which may be beneficial for those looking to get a bit of an energy boost.

The serving size is small, only 5g, which may not provide all the nutrients customers are looking for. However, Your Super Super Green Mix does come with a cheaper price tag compared to other brands.

Benefits include:

  • Improved digestion
  • Boosted immunity
  • Weight management
  • Increased energy
  • Hair and nail growth support
  •  Regulation of blood sugar levels

Overall, Your Super Super Green Mix is a good option for those looking for an inexpensive, all-natural superfood mix, but may not provide all the benefits of a more comprehensive mix with more ingredients.

Your Super Super Green Mix vs Ensō Supergreens Ingredients Comparison

Are you looking to get healthier and start making better food choices? It can be hard to decide which green powder is best for you, but when comparing Your Super Super Green Mix and Ensō Supergreens, it’s easy to see why people are choosing the latter. Let's take a look at the ingredients in each product, the benefits they offer, and why the choice is clear.

Ensō Supergreens Ingredients

Ensō Supergreens Ingredients

Take a look at some of the incredible ingredients you'll find in Ensō Supergreens:

  • Spirulina: For its protein content, essential fatty acids, and its high concentration of vitamins and minerals
  • Chlorella: For its antioxidant properties, essential fatty acids, and its ability to detoxify the body
  • Wheatgrass: For its high levels of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids
  • Nettle Leaf: For its anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin A and C content, and its ability to support healthy immune system functioning
  • Burdock Root: For its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and its high vitamin and mineral content
  • 5 Bi CFU Probiotics: For its ability to support healthy digestion and good gut health

Key highlights of Ensō Supergreens:

  • All of the ingredients are certified organic
  • Dairy-free probiotics
  • Gluten-free, vegan, and made in the USA
  • Third-party tested and GMP certified
  • Sugar-free without artificial sweeteners or Stevia
  • Nut-free and non-GMO
  • 100% natural, made from real food, nothing synthetic or artificial

One of the coolest parts about Ensō is its pure, natural approach to delivering the nutrition your body needs. It only contains real, whole food ingredients without any fillers, sweeteners, or other additives.

Your Super Super Green Mix Ingredients

Your Super Super Green Mix on the other hand, only has 6 ingredients, which are:

  • Organic Spirulina
  • Organic Chlorella
  • Organic Wheatgrass
  • Organic Nettle Leaf
  • Organic Baobab
  • Organic Maca

Key highlights of Your Super Super Green Mix:

  • USDA certified organic
  • Gluten-free and no artificial sweeteners
  • Small serving size (5g)

While a smaller list of ingredients is often an attractive advantage for some, it also means you won’t be getting the same variety of health benefits that you would with the more extensive ingredient list of Ensō Supergreens

Your Super Super Green Mix also does not contain probiotics or digestive enzymes, which are essential for a complete and balanced nutrition. Additionally, Your Super Super Green Mix does contain caffeine (due to the matcha) which may not be suitable for everyone.

My Super Super Green Mix vs Ensō Supergreens Taste

How do these two rank based on their taste alone? Many people have a harder time drinking or consuming green powder products due to the taste, so if that sounds like you, this section will help you choose a tastier option.

Ensō Supergreens Taste

If you're not a fan of the taste of green powder products grassy taste, Ensō Supergreens is the better option. It uses natural ingredients but still avoids artificial sweeteners, fillers, and added sugars. But it’s been specially formulated to make it taste good, and it’s easier to mix with smoothies, water, or any other drink of choice. So if you're looking to mix your greens powders into a smoothie or juice without compromising the taste, Ensō Supergreens is a great choice.

My Super Super Green Mix Taste

A finer list of ingredients does make My Super Super Green Mix have a more natural, earthy taste. If you're looking for something that has more of an earthy, natural taste and not a whole lot of sweetening, My Super Super Green Mix could be a great option for you. The downside is that it's a bit harder to mix with smoothies, water, or other drinks of choice, and may require some extra effort to get it to blend.

My Super Super Greens Mix vs Ensō Supergreens Cost

Let's be honest, price points matter. However, things that cost more tend to be of higher quality for a reason. After all, you do get what you pay for, and there is no better way to spend your money than on your health and wellbeing.

When it comes to cost comparison between My Super Super Greens Mix and Ensō Supergreens, here's how they stack up.

Ensō Supergreens Cost

  • $1.33 cost per serving
  • $39.99 single subscription discount - 33% off
  • $59.99 one-time purchase
  • $69.99 double subscription discount - 42% off

These costs are reflective of the quality of the product. Ensō Supergreens has My Super Super Greens beat in terms of taste, benefits, and certification. It is made from only certified organic superfoods, has 5 billion CFU probiotics, Digestive enzymes, is gluten-free, vegan, third-party-tested, sugar-free, caffeine free, nut free, non-GMO, and is naturally flavored. However, it does cost more.

Your Super Super Green Mix Cost

  • $29.99 one-time purchase
  • $25.49 single subscription discount - 15% off

Your Super Super Green Mix is a simpler product with only 6 ingredients. It is gluten free, has no artificial sweeteners, and comes with 3543 reviews. However, it does not contain probiotics or digestive enzymes, and has caffeine (because it contains matcha). The serving size is really small -- only 5g, so you're not getting the same amount of nutrients as you would with Ensō Supergreens.

Why Choose Ensō Supergreens

The choice is quite clear, Ensō Supergreens is the superior product. Not only does it contain many more certified organic superfoods compared to Your Super's six, but it also has probiotics and digestive enzymes — two important elements of a complete nutritional package. Plus, taste matters, and our product tastes great! It is 100% natural, made from real food, without any fillers, sweeteners, or synthetic ingredients.

Vegan, gluten-free, caffeine, sugar, nut, and even dairy free! There really isn’t another product on the market claiming these standards. Finally, Ensō Supergreens offers a great incentive to buy. You get free shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 10% discount on your first order. Plus, for subscribers, you get an even greater discount of 33%.

With a great product and unbeatable incentives, the choice is clear. Choose Ensō Supergreens today and get the most out of your nutritional needs.


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