Golden Milk: relaxing latte with ashwagandha
Golden Milk: relaxing latte with ashwagandha
Golden Milk: relaxing latte with ashwagandha
Golden Milk: relaxing latte with ashwagandha

Golden Milk: relaxing latte with ashwagandha

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Recharge your body and mind. All-natural and antioxidant-rich adaptogens and superfoods that promote relaxation, supports joint health, and improves sleep quality for a well-rested and rejuvenated start to your day.
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Meet Golden Milk

This delicious evening drink is made with powerful superfoods and Ashwagandha. Drink it like you would a tea, then sit back, relax and enjoy, as these superfoods help induce a sense of calm for a good night’s sleep.

Super sleep

Ashwagandha and nutmeg are adaptogens known for their calming properties that help wind down and support a better night's sleep.*

Real relaxation

Ginger, turmeric, and peppermint promote relaxation and a sense of calm in the body and mind.*

Feeling restored

Cinnamon, saffron, and black pepper support physical health and mobility, helping you stay active and flexible.*

Powerful superfoods


Turmeric can provide healthy antioxidant action. Curcuminoids appear to scavenge for damaging particles in the body known as "free-radicals". The absorbing principles of Turmeric is amplified when mixed with Black pepper. Some researchers have agreed Turmeric may support cleansing of the liver along with immune and digestive function.*

Ginger Root

Ginger promotes normal production of inflammatory markers which would explain its action on the immune system as well as its ability to promote healthy circulation in a healthy individual.*

Black Pepper

Black Pepper’s most active constituent, Piperine, has been found to support the absorption of other herbs, specifically the Curcumins found in Turmeric (and the reason we included it in our Recharge product). The combination of herbs may increase cognitive function in a healthy individual.*


Cinnamon dates back thousands of years for its medicinal practice, labeled the "gift for kings." This ingredient was used not only for its taste palate but for its help with metabolism and antioxidants, vital to promoting healthy vision, heart, circulation, kidneys and a healthy nervous system in a healthy individual.*

What our customers are saying

Donna K.

Store Manager - Mother of 2

I'm 58 and work midnights at a grocery store. The extra energy that Supergreens gives me is perfect during my shift. The Ensō Golden Milk helps me relax when I get home.

Lisa A.

Home Care Physician - Mother of 4!

I'm so excited I am taking Ensō superfoods every day but especially when traveling! It's so hard to get proper nutrition with my dietary restrictions, so being able to take something that I know is healthy and provides me energy to do the things I want to do, is great!